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Natural Herbs




By shaRisse

Hey yall! I’m Sharisse, mom of 3 and grandma of 4, crafter essential oil fanatic, and lover of vintage everything. My love of essential oil goes way back, but little did I know there was way more to these oils than I knew. 4 years ago, I went natural with my hair and wanted products that were natural as well, after spending hundreds of dollars on hair products I finally began experimenting with oils that would be good on my hair and scalp. I needed something that would give me moisture with no build up. Shortly after I started concentrating on skincare since I was getting up in age. Lol!  I was so discouraged with products I was purchasing, they were way over priced and kept drying out my skin. I started doing lots of research, watching webinars regarding oils, buying books that would help me achieve what I needed. My family and friends had no problem testing out the goods. Their feedback and a few “bottle that stuff, up its awesome” gave me the courage to do just that! From there I came up with these products that personally Live By, I hope you love them as much as I do, they are all handcrafted with love.


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